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Payroll and HR Services

Multinational payroll services that save you time and money

Organisations are becoming increasingly globalised and recruit employees from all over the world. Whilst this is a valuable resource for a business, it often brings with it complications that are time consuming to deal with.

We offer specialist advice to multinational companies entering the UK market for the first time and who are recruiting employees in the UK, or from overseas.

We provide a reliable and accurate solution for your outsourced payroll, making the process smooth and uncomplicated.

What overseas employers should know when employing people in the UK?

UK employment laws tend to be employer friendly, but hiring an employee isn’t as simple as paying someone. If you’re hiring an employee for the first time, there are many things to consider.

Things to consider

Right to work in the UK

This includes checking the employees’ legal right to work in the UK, either because they’re an EU national, or have the correct visa. The UK operates a 5-tier system, which is points based and with some visas taking 6 months to be issued, early planning is key.

Insurance and Pensions

The employer must have Employers Liability insurance and there may be certain regulatory requirements for different industries. New auto enrolment pension laws have recently come into force in the UK and employers now have an obligation to provide employees with a workplace pension.

Minimum requirements

The employer is required to inform the tax authority (HMRC) by registering as an employer. The employer must also comply with UK employment laws, which provide minimum requirements and include paying minimum wage rates.

How we can help you?

Our payroll and HR management services are aimed at international businesses who are entering the UK market for the first time. This usually involves recruiting employees locally, but often overseas employees are sent to the UK, which can trigger UK tax obligations that many employers are unaware of.

When entering a new market for the first time most companies initially prefer to outsource the complete payroll function to reduce their costs and lower their risk.

Payroll Processing Services and HR management for international companies in the UK

Payroll outsourcing

Our specialist payroll outsourcing service enables companies to handover their payroll and meet PAYE compliance obligations efficiently and cost effectively.

HR Management

We also provide an HR managed payroll data service that records employee data which integrates with the Payroll service offering a complete HR solution.

Tailored solutions

All our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of international organisations entering the UK market for the first time and our services can be adapted as businesses grow.

Advice and support

We offer advice and support on legal and regulatory issues during the UK recruitment process and can answer queries on tax issues and reward and benefit packages, we can help with contracts and much more.

Payroll and HR services – what’s included?

Payroll outsourcing:

  • Processing your payroll data
  • Online reporting with the tax authority (HMRC)
  • Providing you with summary reports
  • Pension auto enrolment reporting and guidance
  • Printed or electronic payslips
  • BACS payments to employees and HMRC
  • Advice and support

Flexible HR solutions:

  • Employee record system for data management of absence
  • Sickness and holidays tracking
  • Recording benefits and overseas workdays
  • Storing important documents and correspondence
  • Monitoring training and performance

“We provide tailored solutions, saving you time and money”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I incorporate a UK company if my business is located in USA?

    An overseas business can set up a UK entity and it does not need to have an office or staff in the UK to do so. There will be different tax implications if that is the case, as oppose to when the company has a permanent establishment in the UK, with a local office and employees in the UK. The facts are often not totally clear cut and need careful consideration to ensure taxes are declared correctly, therefore it is always wise to take professional advice on these matters.

  • What are the steps for EU residents when incorporating a UK company?

    The steps are the same for all foreign persons and businesses who want to incorporate a UK company.

  • Can I incorporate company online?

    Online incorporation can be done in most cases, but not all. We do not advise that it is done without taking advice about the implications of incorporating a company and receiving confirmation that this entity type will achieve the business’ objectives. You should be familiar with the UK incorporation process and have taken advice on how to structure the new entity before embarking on an online company registration yourself.

  • Can Axada help with incorporating a company online in the UK?

    Yes, and as part of our full package of UK company incorporation services, we may in the final step register the company online. Online registration may not be suitable for all companies and in these cases we will register the company via other means.

  • If I use the cheapest incorporation agents, what are my risks?

    Using these services, you will simply be sent a form to complete which will form the basis for entering the information on the agents bulk formation system. Normally, there is no guidance provided and cheap formation services will not offer any advice on whether incorporating a limited company will be the best option to achieve your objectives.

  • How long does it take to incorporate a business in the UK?

    We can normally quote a timescale of 1-2 days after we have received all the information from you.

  • Can you help with UK LLP Incorporation?

    Yes, we can also offer UK LLP incorporation services.

  • Are there any annual compliance requirements when I register a UK company?

    There are a number of annual compliance requirements once a company is registered and we can take care of all of these annual compliance requirements for UK companies, freeing up more time for our clients to concentrate on managing their businesses.

    Annual statutory accounts must be prepared and filed at Companies House.

    Every year the business must complete a Confirmation Statement (formerly called Annual Return).

    Since 6th April 2016 a persons with significant control register (PSC register) must be held and kept up to date. This identifies all persons that have significant control or ownership.

    All formal changes, such as a change of director, shareholder or a change of address must be registered at Companies House and specific forms need to be completed either online or in hard copy.

    Recording minutes of meetings is very important as this records important decisions and resolutions made by the directors. Even though the keeping of minutes of meetings is a legal requirement it is often neglected by many companies and this can affect due diligence outcome in the event of a sale of the business.

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