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International Expansion

Making international expansion easier

Creating a strong international presence is never simple with numerous factor to consider. While the international market is a common target for larger businesses, expanding overseas can be really challenging.


How Axada can help

We have many years of experience in assisting foreign companies enter the UK market. We know the challenges and have found ways to help companies get around them. One of the main challenges companies have is keeping abreast of the increasing and constantly changing financial and tax legislation to ensure they meet their company’s reporting and compliance obligations. Often clients need to do this in a foreign language. At Axada, we can provide our services in our client’s native language, ensuring language barriers are removed. We have the expertise and specialist knowledge to deal with accounting and tax matters giving our clients complete reassurance.

How to expand a business into international markets?

Companies can expand a business into a foreign market in many different ways such as exporting, joint ventures, licensing and overseas production. For firms that produce, manufacture or resell goods, exporting is usually the simplest and least risky international expansion method. Another way to test a foreign market is to set up a company to provide marketing services in the foreign country. The downside of these is that it does not give companies a real market presence in their target country and for this reason most companies tend to set up a subsidiary or permanent establishment.

What are the costs of business expansion to the UK?

This will very much depend on the market entry method and the type of business structure used as well as the scale of the operation and the service required. Axada has specialised in making market entry easier and less costly by assisting foreign companies with finding simple solutions to the unique issues that face them when expanding to the UK.

How long does it take for a company to expand globally?

Once the foreign company has made the decision to invest in the UK, setting up a legal business structure can normally be done quickly. A limited company only takes a few days to incorporate. If non-EU employees are to be employed in the UK, then a visa will have to be obtained and this is a lengthy process which can take 3 months or more. Setting up bank accounts also can take considerable time due to the stringent money laundering procedures.

What’s the best strategy to expand a business internationally?

Expanding from the USA to Europe requires different considerations to expanding within Europe where there is free trade and free movement of people. Import taxes, import duties and regulations can add considerably to the cost of imports. If the products are not correctly classified, unnecessary duties may be paid, so taking advice at the planning stage is particularly important for companies expanding to the UK from the USA. US companies often use the UK as a first stepping stone into Europe from which to springboard to other countries. This is because there is no language barrier to overcome and the UK has very favourable conditions for companies expanding internationally. At Axada we can also assist our clients with expanding into other European countries from the UK, using our EU local professional contacts. We can intermediate with our language skills, breaking down language barriers that normally exist between clients and local advisers in other EU countries.

Companies expanding from Germany, Austria, France may not have the same import factors to consider as companies expanding from further afield, but they still need to deal with cross border VAT considerations. These can be very complicated and usually require professional advice. Free movement of people within the EU also simplifies the movement of EU employees to the UK, but language barriers are usually a big consideration for European investors who expand to the UK. Our clients appreciate that we can speak to them in their own language making the expansion process much more straight forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What international business expansion services do you offer?

    We can help with the following elements of expanding to the UK:

    • Entity set up
    • Help with Immigration and Visa applications
    • Advice on finding office space
    • Assistance with opening corporate bank accounts
    • Employment contracts and advice on recruiting staff
    • Liaising with lawyers
    • Find insurance providers
    • Facilitate an expansion to other European countries
  • Can you help in creating an international expansion plan for my business?

    For professional international expansion strategy formulation, we can put you in contact with specialists who are best placed to advise about specific international expansion strategies and can formulate detailed plans for target markets. We can assist by providing financial and tax information, so that the venture can be accurately evaluated. We can put you in contact with local expansion specialists, who can help with implementing an expansion plan in a foreign country. We can also provide you with information to make a business case for expanding to the UK.

  • What are risks of international expansion?

    The risk of expanding into foreign markets can originate from:

    • Financial risks, such as currency fluctuations,
    • Legal risks, such non compliance with laws, regulations or licensing requirements
    • Tax compliance risk, such as getting tax compliance wrong and incurring penalties
    • Political risk, such as changes is the government policies

    Before expanding your business internationally, the risks can be considerably reduced by thoroughly researching the target market and seeking professional advice from the outset.

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