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June 12, 2019

10 ways to boost your business and improve business performance:

Here are ten ways to make sure that you continue to drive through each business quarter with purpose, vision and the courage to boost your business.

1. Eliminate distractions: Time is the scarcest resource and biggest killer for most businesses. Owners get distracted and focus too much time and energy on the wrong things. Be brave – slash standard meeting times, reduce unnecessary admin, delegate and cull.

2. Saying goodbye to bad customers: If possible in your business, get rid of ten time-wasters, bad payers, or customers who cause you pain. You will feel instant relief and spend your time better elsewhere.

3. Invest More: Having freed up time and headspace from deploying points one and two above, make sure you ring-fence time, key people, and money for some of the initiatives below. Redeploy with passion!

4. Get a Plan: You don’t go on a journey without a map or any idea of where you’re headed – so why fly blind with your business? Have a planning process, create a great plan – and execute.

5. Reconfigure: Don’t let people who don’t get it, won’t get it, or don’t care, be a millstone around your neck. If they’re not right, do them a favour and free up their futures.

6. Use Technology: Decrease admin, improve communications, improve reporting and accountability through the use of the best apps. Slash paper and automate where possible.

7. Value-add: Don’t do the same old, same old. Refocus on value-add, making a difference. You want to do work with impact, meaning, and value!

8. Be Different: Break the mould and position yourself to attract ambitious, growing and engaged clients, and employees.

9. Deploy Marketing: Create a simple marketing plan to increase reach and penetration. Set aside a percentage of fees to treat this seriously. Remember that clients are prospects and online too. Make sure that you engage online and incorporate this as a key part of your marketing plan.

10. Ask for referrals: Advertise, target, and look for referral relationships to drive good quality customers your way. They’re out there if you proactively seek them out.

Good luck boosting your business!

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